Welcome to the Venice Branch of American Association of University Women (AAUW)

September, 2023

Dear Venice AAUW (VAAUW) Members,

It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we write to you as our very first order of business as your new CoPresidents. We Invite you to soar with us to new heights by sharing our visions and goals for the next two years.

The theme for our Co-Presidency is !All Aboard!” As Board members, please come !On Board” with us to provide
leadership and incredible opportunities for our members. We want !all” to meet and interact with like-minded,
intelligent, service-oriented women. That we experience meaningful social and formal learning. And together we share
knowledge which provides for collaborative growth and learning.

As an introduction, we have four earnest targets we hope to achieve. Even though the acronym is DIVA, by no means are
we that. Well, maybe a little!

Let’s make a DIFFERENCE. Let’s deliver initiatives that can be measured by their impact, have an important affect, and
might even be remarkable!

Let’s be INCLUSIVE. We want “on board” membership to include everyone in everything. We want you to be comfortable
and active within our branch as well as within our SIGs.

Let’s be VISIBLE. Let VAAUW be seen doing worthwhile endeavors, sponsoring programs, and initiating activities.

Let’s be AWARE. We want to have knowledge and sensitivity to the many issues and current topics that exist within our
branch, our community, our State, and our Nation.

In your issue of Venice Views, you will receive:
• Organization Chart showing our VAAUW Board’s hierarchy and names identifying the talented leaders who are fulfilling
each directorship or committee head
• Identification of Home Tour’s leadership
• 2023-24 Calendar highlights
• Program Director Pam Swarts proposals for Branch meetings
And…we are up, up, and away! See you October 12, 10 am EST at the Venice Library on the Island.

Jan Harris and Bev Weltzien
Co-Presidents – VAAUW 2023-2025


Opening Day was Saturday, September 16, at Wellfield Park. Pam Swarts, Joy Mahler, and I had the pleasure of watching their first game of the fall season.  They are fabulous, enthusiastic, and talented young women who easily defeated their opponents while demonstrating true sportsmanship.

Please check their schedule for upcoming games at missvenicefastpitch.com. Look for the team 14/16 Coach Jason.

Here are some pictures from Opening Day. Guess what? Joy Mahler’s granddaughter, Liz #7, is on our team! Play ball, AAUW!

Joyce Mikulski                                                                                                                                                  Vice President